October 2021


Forex Trading: A Comprehensive Guide on eToro Trading

Forex trading is the act of buying and selling currencies via the internet. eToro is a new online service that makes this process easier than ever before thanks to its social trading features and low costs for making transactions.

eToro allows you to buy or sell currency and build friendships with other traders to benefit from their knowledge about which currencies are worth investing in and what strategies to use.

If you want to buy or sell currency on eToro, there will be no commissions, and the price is always exactly what it says in your trading account. Additionally, if you do not have time to trade currencies actively but would like to benefit from upswing trends without having access to a computer, then this service may suit you too.

eToro is a great option for social traders who are seeking to make money by trading currencies online. It has low transaction costs, and you can buy or sell currency at any time of the day, no matter which part of the world you live in. In addition, the eToro platform makes it easy for users to follow strategies that have proven to be profitable, and it also allows you to form groups with other users.

How to open an eToro account:

It is easy to start trading currencies on eToro. You have to follow these steps:

– Create an account by going to the website and filling out a few simple details about yourself

– Deposit money into your online wallet, which can then be used for transactions

– Start investing in currency once you are ready!

-You will need to make sure that your browser is set up for using cookies to start trading on eToro.

Where to open an eToro account

There are several ways to open an eToro account.

Firstly, you can sign up for the service at their website and then follow the simple steps that will allow you to start trading with no set-up fees or commissions.

Alternatively, you could choose a platform like AvaTrade where your money is safe as it is kept with a regulated broker.

eToro, on the other hand, allows you to trade without having your money deposited in their secure platform, but this means that you will have no protection against fraud or theft should it take place.

How much does eToro cost?

The costs associated with trading currencies through eToro are minimal.

As it is an online platform, the only costs you will incur are withdrawal fees if you do not leave your money with eToro and any transaction fees that might be in place. However, there may also be further charges for withdrawing or depositing cash into your account via a different method than usual.

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The 5 Things You Have to Do in Atlantic City

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Atlantic City is a destination that has become a little overlooked and underrated. It has of course had its fair share of economic issues over the years. Among the reasons for this is the fact that it has long been living in the shadow of New York City (see our Pulse Tourism travel tips). And some think of Atlantic City as the little brother to Las Vegas.

But despite these associations, the city has been totally renovated and revived. Today, Atlantic City stands up as its own top destination, away from unfair comparisons to Vegas, the Big Apple, and the like thereof. The seaside resort city in southeastern New Jersey is lined with glitzy skyscrapers overlooking a sandy strand. Its entertainment district is packed with fun activities, with legal casino gambling and boardwalk activities among the main draws. Utter luxury and electrifying nightclubs fill the city. You’re spoilt for choice, which is exactly how the city wants you to feel. But what are the big things you can’t leave without doing?

Explore the Boardwalk

The boardwalk at Atlantic City lays its claim to being the first boardwalk in the US, according to We’re not sure if that’s something you can actually prove – (how do you define a boardwalk, exactly?) – but this attraction certainly has a rich history. Hotels, resorts, shops and dazzling restaurants line the sides of the boardwalk, overlooking the picturesque sandy beaches.

Play Poker at a Table

Visiting the famous poker tables of Atlantic City is fast becoming something of a rite of passage. There’s nothing quite like sitting in these adrenaline-fueled chambers, laying your cards on the table and your money on the line. You can choose from all manner of poker rooms, from the 40 tables at Harrah’s Resort & Casino to the 85 tables at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa. Of course, to play with the big hitters in this city, where casino gambling is legal, you’ll want to prepare. As’s beginner guide to poker conveys, how successful you become at poker really depends on how much you practise. But the game “mechanics” are simple enough to pick up before you visit a real casino.

Bring Your Family to the Amusement Parks

The Steel Pier is a historic quay that stretches out into the ocean. And lining its surface are some of the best rides for miles around. Bring your whole family to experience the abundance of rides atop the pier. From the Air Show and the Dodgem bumper cars to the Flying Ace and the Joy Ride, your loved ones will be entertained all day. And then, there is the array of shops and restaurants here to keep the whole family happy. The Guardian reminds us in these photos that this was the spot where Susan Sarandon and Burt Lancaster had lunch in the city’s 1980s classic movie.

Try Your Luck in the Casinos

We may have already touched on poker, but Atlantic City is known for all sorts of gambling games. The Atlantic City Casino Games at the Resorts Casino Hotel has more than 1,500 slot machines and table games. Harrah’s has even more, with 2,036 machines, while the Hard Rock trumps even that, with 2,167 slot machines. You can wander through these machine paradises for hours on end, without encountering the same game twice.

Relax on the Beach

Being on the coast, Atlantic City is lined with beaches. So, the day after an evening of thrilling entertainment in the casinos, restaurants and amusement parks of this eclectic destination, it’s time to take it easy on the sand. Go surfing, kayaking and fishing at one of these scenic stretches. Among the best are the Brigantine Beach, the Margate Beach and the Stone Harbor.

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What you need to know to plan your trip to Costa Rica right now – Travel and Health Policies, Flight Connections, Local Attractions and more!!

Wondering where to plan your first post pandemic trip to? Here are some reasons why Costa Rica can be your perfect getaway for a safe vacation and unforgettable experience, that will definitely leave you wanting to come back for more.

Dive in to get all your questions answered for arranging an ideal Costa Rican adventure without compromising on your health and safety today!

Tourism Rebound:

A year after reopening of air borders, Costa Rica has already recovered half of it’s pre-pandemic travelers. Sources state that during August, a total of 1,14,227 people entered Costa Rica, marking 66 percent of the figures recorded at the same time in 2019, before the spread of Coronavirus.

Despite the travel restrictions imposed earlier by the European Union, positive figures bring in hope on the road to recovery for tourism in Costa Rica. Isn’t this exciting news for all those of you who had Costa Rica on your bucket list but the pandemic ruined your plans last year? We totally get you, trust us this is your sign from the universe to relax and unwind on the beach with a glass of wine, while we take care of everything else!

Health & travel guidelines in Costa Rica:

In the string of latest developments, the news tops the list that finally a negative Covid-19 test is not required to enter or exit Costa Rica. However, US & Canada do require a negative test while flying into or in transition through these nations. US citizens from all 50 states and Washington, D.C. can enter Costa Rica via air, sea or designated land border crossing sites.

Second, minors and fully vaccinated tourists can enter Costa Rica without insurance as of August 1st. Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated adults must purchase health insurance covering their duration of stay in Costa Rica. The insurance policy needs to be uploaded to the online Health Pass, for receiving the QR code. Since the time Costa Rica has opened for tourists, the entry and exit process have become much more streamlined and most tourists just breeze through as long as their QR codes are valid.

There aren’t any quarantine requirements in place upon arrival to the country, for those not displaying symptoms of Covid-19. Tourists testing positive for coronavirus are issued a sanitary isolation order lasting 10 days.

Did you know that apart from both the airports, more than 100 private labs across the country also offer PCR and antigen tests? Samples for PCR and antigen tests are collected only via nasal swabs here. At Jaco Royale our concierge team helps you get tested indoors itself, which is a great perk to have, especially during these trying times. To get more information check out Jaco Royale Services & Packages.

How to reach Costa Rica?

Having seen the safety precautions put in place for tourism in Costa Rica, the next important logistics to decide upon is getting to Costa Rica. As restrictions ease and demand reactivates, Iberia increases flights to Costa Rica from five to seven weekly operations. Being pioneers in connecting Costa Rica to Europe via direct flight since 2004, their commitment to serve the market remains constant.

The aviation news has it buzzing that Frontier Airlines began operations to Costa Rica from Florida. American Airlines will fly direct from Chicago to San José and Guanacaste starting in November. Air France and British Airways also confirmed that they will reactivate their regular flights to Costa Rica in October. United Airlines also operate direct flights.

JetBlue, Spirit Airlines and Delta Airlines are some direct commercial flights to Costa Rica from the US that are currently operational. Close to 20+ airlines were flying to Costa Rica from all around the world but due to the pandemic some of them are still on hiatus. While travelling make sure to meet the visa requirements as well as the new clauses established in the framework of the pandemic.

For entering the country by sea, you can travel on yachts and sailboats only through the marinas of Golfito, Los Sueños, Pez Vela, Banana Bay and Papagayo.

Top spots for quintessential rejuvenation:

All outdoor tourism activities are permitted now, national parks and beaches remain open for visitors daily. However wearing a mask outside is necessary, so do come prepared.

Costa Rica is the perfect place to relax, feel at peace and reconnect with nature and even yourself. To experience the highway to happiness, do get in touch with our team for an exclusive itinerary with key highlights for the best of what Costa Rica has to offer. Some marvels that are a must visit for a rich and fulfilling holiday are Guanacaste beaches, Tortuguero national park, Arenal volcano, Monteverde cloud forest, Mal Pais, Bajos del Toro and much more. It is rightly known to be an adventurer’s paradise.

Hope this inspired you to pen down some offbeat gems on your travel list to Costa Rica.

Team Jaco Royale is ready and more than excited to host you in Costa Rica, so what are you waiting for? Pack your bags right away to unwind and taste “Pura Vida” for yourself!

Log on to our website and get pampered with the ultimate Jaco Royale vacation you deserve.

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Have a Relaxing Vacation at a Spa Hotel in Norway

There’s nothing like getting away from home for a while. Breaking the mundane routine and traveling someplace you’ve never been can be good for the body, mind and soul. Norway is a wonderful nation to visit and the town of Farsund on the southern coast is one of the best places to get away from it all. With its fjords, Farsund is a playground for people who enjoy the water. Swimming, boating and fishing are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. There are excellent restaurants where you can try local cuisine and trails for hiking and biking. But if you are looking to relax, unwind and destress, a spa hotel may be exactly what you need.

Try a Resort

For people who want to feel pampered, there’s nothing like a Farsund resort. There are many rooms available in beautiful homes, many right on the water. In addition to cozy rooms with clean, comfy bedding, fresh towels in a a quiet setting, there is the spa component. A spa hotel is especially designed with the health and wellness of the guests in mind. The rooms themselves reflect this with mattresses that provide extra back support and ergonomic chairs with lumbar cushioning. This focus on health pervades the entire spa hotel experience.

Wellness Amenities

A spa hotel offers the same amenities you would find at a standard hotel. These include fitness centers, pools and hot tubs. All of these are beneficial to the wellness of guests, but spas go beyond the basics. Massages of all types, including deep tissue, Swedish and shiatsu are available from qualified masseuses.

Facials and skin treatments are also offered. These are relaxing and can also help improve the health of your skin. They moisturize and keep the skin flexible, fighting the aging process. Many spas also offer seaweed wraps and other skin care routines. Many sell products for the guests to buy and take home with them. You can then continue taking care of your skin all the time.

Spas in Scandinvia are also usually equipped with saunas and Farsund is no exception. Norwegian saunas are an excellent way to sweat out toxins, open the pores and cleanse the body. They also relax tense muscles and help relieve the stress and anxiety of daily living. Most spas also have steam rooms for those who prefer them.


A spa goes beyond just a room equipped with weights, stationary bikes and elliptical machines. Most also have classes taught by qualified instructors. You can do yoga, take a spin class, perhaps an aerobics or Zumba class. Even the gyms have trainers to help guide you to a safe, effective workout tailored to your needs. There are pools big enough for lap swimming and others that are suited to water aerobics. Some spa resorts also have golf courses, tennis courts and even basketball and volleyball. You can get in shape with a little friendly competition.

Getting Out in Farsund

The health and wellness benefits are not just confined to the spa itself. Getting out and seeing beautiful Farsund can also be a great way to relax and melt away the stress. Swimming in a fjord, meeting and chatting with the locals and getting a dose of Norwegian culture can also improve wellness. Just exploring a new area may boost your mental health.

When trying to get away from it all, a spa may be your best choice. With its relaxing atmosphere and focus on health and wellness, it could be the best vacation you’ve ever taken. When it comes to a refreshing spa getaway, Farsund is one of the best places in which to do it.

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