November 2023


Why the revolutionary Mangusta 165 REV continues to turn heads

It’s safe to say that the Mangusta 165 REV is not your average superyacht. A true testament to innovative design, unmatched luxury, and high performance. As the flagship model of Mangusta’s Maxi Open REV Series, the Mangusta 165 REV, measuring a majestic 50 metres in length, continues to captivate viewers around the world. Developed in collaboration with Italian shipyard Overmarine’s in-house engineering department and renowned design firm Lobanov Design, the first model of the series, N1, was delivered last summer, and quickly followed by the second this summer. Her now-signature, elongated, sleek and low profile, inspired by 1930s sports, builds on the success of her predecessor, the 165, while firmly placing her in a league of her own among maxi-open yachts. Here we share our top three reasons why this model is redefining the meaning of performance within her category.

Unmatched luxury: the split-level owner’s suite

One of the Mangusta 165 REV’s most striking features is the split-level owner’s suite, an embodiment of luxury similar to that of a New York penthouse. This space is designed with an asymmetric layout and benefits from streamlined side windows, creating a private oasis for her owners. The entrance lounge with its sofas and coffee tables offers a serene retreat upon entering. Descending to the lower level, her owners will be welcomed by a cosy world of circular shapes, rounded windows, and an exceptional round bed. The master bathroom, a work of art in itself, features exquisite materials throughout like onyx and flanked by spacious dressing rooms with ceiling-high glazed surfaces, offering panoramic views of the surroundings.

A haven of outdoor spaces

The Mangusta 165 REV takes outdoor extravagance to new heights. With ample outdoor spaces, owners and guests have several options to relax, lounge or entertain while taking in their surroundings. The main foredeck houses an infinity pool alongside a lounging space, perfect for basking in the sun or taking a refreshing dip. The sundeck, spanning an impressive 69 square metres, features a bar and seating area, making it an ideal spot for social gatherings. The aft on the lower deck, her transom opens up to a beach club. Conceived as a fully-equipped lounge by the sea, this space, alongside the tender garage, offers a seamless blend of relaxation and adventure.

Impressive performance and efficiency

Underneath her streamlined, elegant design, lies another unique feature that ensures the Mangusta 165 REV is a powerhouse. Equipped with four Rolls Royce 2,600 horsepower engines and coupled with 4 Kongsberg-Kamewa waterjets, she has a maximum speed of 35 knots. Not just built for speed, her design also emphasises fuel efficiency. With advanced engineering focusing on fuel consumption, even at higher speeds, she offers an overall fuel reduction of 30 percent compared to her predecessor, making her not only powerful but also environmentally considerate.

From her penthouse-inspired owner’s suite and expansive outdoor areas to its impressive speed and reduced fuel consumption, the Mangusta Rev 165 superyacht is an exceptional choice. With the first in the series now available for sale in Turkey, her enduring appeal is only strengthened.

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Gennady Podolsky’s Top Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Travel

Holiday travel often comes with its fair share of headaches, but with some planning and know-how, it’s possible to avoid common pitfalls. According to global travel advisor Gennady Podolsky, an experienced trekker, there are vital strategies travelers can use to maximize the success and enjoyment of their holiday trips.

Podolsky recommends being flexible with your destination, airport, and travel dates when flying. Travelers can often save money by opting for a less popular ski resort versus a coveted luxury one or flying out of a larger regional airport rather than a smaller local one. Passing on the actual holiday or right before and after peak times can also yield savings. Direct flights in the early morning are cheaper and more reliable.

Booking flights early is wise, but travelers can still take advantage of price drop alerts closer to departure dates. For those living near their destination, trains or buses may provide a cost-effective alternative to flying. Packing gifts in carry-on luggage prevents losing them if checked bags get misrouted. Food items, however, may face TSA restrictions. Upgrading to an airline lounge can provide a refuge from crowded terminals during the busy holiday travel season. Travel insurance is also recommended in case plans go unexpectedly awry.

When driving for the holidays, Podolsky stresses the importance of getting your vehicle tuned up and winterized ahead of time. Departing at off-peak travel hours, such as early mornings or late evenings, can help avoid congestion. Like flights, reservations for hotels and restaurants along your route are crucial to ensuring availability after a long day on the road. Planning stops at inexpensive attractions like parks, historic sites, and scenic overlooks can provide fun diversions.

A spirit of adventure and activities like picnic lunches also make road trips more memorable. Mobile apps can simplify trip planning and navigation as well. Podolsky advises consulting an experienced travel advisor for the best results when making holiday travel plans. Their insider knowledge can help travelers avoid common pitfalls.

With strategic preparation and flexibility, the hassles of holiday travel can be minimized. Savvy travelers who tap the tips and guidance of experts like Gennady Podolsky will be well-equipped to maximize the enjoyment of their holiday trips, whether by air or on the open road. A few simple tricks can mean the difference between a stressful and magical trip.

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