How Travellers are Gearing up Post Pandemic

With the COVID vaccinations ramping up and easily available to all, countries are finally opening up their borders and welcoming travellers from around the world. After spending the last two years in their homes and ensuring limited movement, people can’t wait to pack their suitcases and start exploring different exotic locations once again.

It is important to remember that the pandemic has changed us all. You will need to plan out your bucket list of travel experiences accordingly. As travel opens up, we finally have the opportunity to venture out of our towns and explore the gorgeous world around us. Here are some ways you should gear up for post-pandemic travelling to ensure a great trip.

How to gear up for travelling post-pandemic

Create a travel notebook

The very first thing you should do before heading off on a luxury group holiday is creating a travel notebook of your ideal destinations. With over two years of not travelling to make up for, there are probably hundreds of different spots you want to explore and experiences you wish to enjoy. But, trying to fit it all in a single trip can be pretty overwhelming and disorderly.

That is why you should create a travel notebook and jot down all of the destinations you want to visit in different priority levels. You can include what experiences and activities you want to enjoy and note any additional information you think would be helpful.

Take your travel notebook to a trusted luxury travel company like SevenTravel for a tailor-made itinerary that includes most of the activities you want to do within your holiday timeframe. 

Research flight requirements

Will you need to isolate yourself? Do you need to show PCR test results? Will you be asked to quarantine in the country you’re travelling to? 

You need all of these questions answered before you pack your bags and head off on your next adventure. Since COVID regulations differ from country to country, you must do plenty of research and confirm the facts from a reliable source before heading off to a new country. You should also look up flights and arrangements while you’re doing your research. See if the hotels require any documentation or test results, and be well aware of what to expect when your flight lands at the destination.

P.S. Be sure to ask your luxury travel company about all details before getting on a flight. 

Embrace slow travel

The slow-travel movement was gaining quite some traction before the pandemic hit, and it now feels more appealing than ever before. 

Slow travel refers to the practice of staying at one destination for long enough that you become one with the locals and get to explore the soul of the place. No matter how long your bucket list travel experiences are, try your best to slow down and genuinely enjoy whereever you are. It will allow you to make the most of your trip and see the world in a new light.

Stay COVID-Safe 

As much as things are returning to ‘normal’, it is still essential to remember that the virus is still around us. COVID-19 is still a reality, and while it might not have as disastrous an effect anymore, it is still important to be compliant with all travel rules and entry requirements.

Regardless of what protocols are being enforced around you, staying vigilant and cautious in your luxury group holiday is best. Continue to wear a mask throughout your travels and regularly sanitise your hands to prevent infection. If you experience any symptoms, be sure to get tested ASAP and self-isolate to ensure you don’t spread the virus to other people around you.

Since travel regulations continue to be in a state of flux, you should do your best to stay updated with current affairs. Keep your travel plans flexible and try to enjoy as much as possible instead of chasing after a destination that you cannot reach due to a sudden update in regulations.

Travel with kindness

Lastly, one of the biggest things that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us is the importance of being kind and compassionate. We are all immensely interconnected; the spread of the virus was proof of that. So, the best way to keep this interconnection healthy and fruitful is by being kind and respectful to ourselves, other people, and the world around us.

Make it a point to travel with kindness and be mindful wherever you go. Tip generously as most small business owners are experiencing a financial setback after the pandemic. Learn about local customs and respect the people you meet. Enjoy new locations without doing anything offensive.

Author Bio: Rhodri Andrews

Rhodri Andrews is the Head of Content at SevenTravel, a luxury travel company based in Mayfair, London, that specialises in once-in-a-lifetime experiences. SevenTravel is all about the kind of travel that forges deeper connections with the countries you visit, encouraging you to linger for longer with trips that last ten or more days. Rhodri manages all of SevenTravel’s content, bringing to life the countries, regions and unique tailor-made experiences its clients will discover as well as all the useful information SevenTravel clients need to know before they head off on a luxury holiday of a lifetime. He crafts content for all SevenTravel’s luxury holiday destinations, whether it’s the Arabian charm of Oman to the Amazon jungle of Peru and everything in between. Through his natural curiosity and passion for travel, he also brings SevenTravel’s one-of-a-kind experiences to life, from trekking through the Patagonian wilderness to exploring Morocco’s souks and medinas. Whether you’re a couple, honeymooners or a family embarking on an exciting luxury holiday, the experiences are crafted to suit your personal preferences.