7 Activities That Allow You To Connect With Nature

Spending time outdoors and being immersed in nature has a number of advantages, including the support of improved mental health. Such cognitive benefits are extensively researched, with results demonstrating that those who spend even a small portion of their time in natural environments are likely to experience less stress and overall feel happier.

To encourage themselves to enjoy nature more frequently, many individuals will pick up activities that take them outdoors, giving them an excuse to find secluded or exciting spots to regularly enjoy. If you’re looking for such an activity, then we have seven to inspire you!


Perhaps surprisingly, birdwatching, or birding as it is often referred to, is growing in popularity. This low-stress activity encourages individuals and groups to adventure outdoors and quietly enjoy their surroundings, learning to not only connect with nature but to identify birds by their plumage and call. Many find the activity incredibly relaxing, as well as a great way to connect with other enthusiasts in the area.


For those wanting to immerse themselves as fully into nature as possible, camping is an excellent excursion, one that the entire family can enjoy too. In addition to the journey into remote parts of the wild, camping allows for the lengthy embrace of natural environments as individuals and groups spend days escaping the pace of urban living, exchanging it for remote tranquillity.


Submerging oneself in refreshing water, whether the clear blue of a coastal beach or the cool stillness of a hidden river, wild swimming is a wonderful activity to wash away stress. Individuals need only find a local body of water and perhaps a social group to join before they can start each day with a refreshing dip and soon make a habit of swimming in lakes.

Mushroom Hunting

Fascination with fungi has become increasingly popular as the excitement of foraging takes over. While precaution must be taken not to eat anything that isn’t suitably identified, the activity is safe, fun, and can be picked up easily.


The practice of yoga is founded upon inner peace and creating environments of tranquillity, which is why taking yoga sessions out into nature is hugely beneficial. Practitioners are able to not only enjoy delightfully wild natural environments but can also enjoy the benefits of both yoga and the outdoors in one go.

Rock Climbing

While vertical inclines aren’t for everyone, those that are able to muster the moxie to summit natural cliffs find the activity to be completely fulfilling. Many will find themselves scoping out new spots in their local area, looking at maps and landscapes to find new challenges and enjoyable adventures.


It is said that those closest to nature are the ones who protect it, which is partly the motivation behind freediving popularity. Individuals are taking to ocean fronts in greater numbers diving into the blue to explore its hidden world and appreciating the delicate and fascinating ecosystems that are only a few feet below the surface.