Why Chartering Happy Me is the Ultimate Croatian Vacation Experience

Chartering a yacht in Croatia is one of the best ways to explore the stunning Adriatic coast, and there’s no better vessel to do it on than the Happy Me yacht. This luxurious yacht offers all the amenities and comfort you need to make your vacation unforgettable. Here’s why chartering Happy Me is the ultimate Croatian vacation experience.

Flexibility and freedom

When you charter Happy Me, you have the freedom to create your own itinerary and explore the Croatian coast at your own pace. You can choose to stay in one place for a few days or hop from island to island, depending on your preferences. You can also change your plans on a whim if you find a place you love and want to stay longer.

Luxury and comfort

Happy Me is a luxurious yacht that offers all the amenities you need to feel pampered and relaxed. The yacht is equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, a fully equipped kitchen, and comfortable sleeping quarters. You can relax on the deck, soak up the sun, and enjoy a glass of wine while taking in the stunning views of the Croatian coastline.

Access to hidden gems

Chartering Happy Me gives you access to some of the most beautiful and secluded places along the Croatian coast that are only accessible by boat. You can explore hidden coves, deserted beaches, and charming coastal towns that are off the beaten path. You can also swim and snorkel in crystal-clear waters and discover the underwater world of the Adriatic.

Personalized service

When you charter Happy Me, you receive personalized service from a dedicated crew who are there to ensure that your vacation is unforgettable. The crew can help you plan your itinerary, suggest the best places to visit, and cater to your every need. You can relax and enjoy your vacation knowing that everything is taken care of.

Unforgettable memories

Chartering Happy Me is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. You’ll create unforgettable memories with your friends and family as you explore the stunning Croatian coast, discover hidden gems, and enjoy luxurious comfort on board the yacht.

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10 Reasons To Try Cruise and Boat Ride this Year

Boat rides are immensely exciting and fun, providing myriads of fascinating views. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or an adventure-filled vacation, there’s likely a boat trip that can meet your needs. Boat trips can offer a wide range of benefits, depending on the type of trip you take and your personal interests. Here are some of the potential benefits of boat tours st pete beach.


A boat trip can provide a deep sense of peace and tranquility. The gentle rocking of the boat can be incredibly calming, and the sound of the water can be soothing. Being out on the water also allows you to disconnect from the stresses of daily life, which can be incredibly rejuvenating.


A boat trip can provide breathtaking views that are simply not available on land. Whether you are cruising along a river or sailing on the open ocean, you can experience stunning vistas and landscapes that will take your breath away.


Being on the water allows you to see wildlife that you might not otherwise be able to observe. Depending on where you are, you might see dolphins, whales, seals, or a variety of birds and fish. 


A boat trip can offer plenty of adventure for those who crave a little excitement. You can go fishing, try water sports like wakeboarding or tubing, or even go scuba diving or snorkeling.

Boat Trips Will Give You A Deeper Connection With Nature

Boat trips can indeed offer a unique and intimate connection with nature. They allow you to explore waterways and coastlines, observe wildlife, and experience the beauty and serenity of the natural environment in a way that is impossible from land.


Boat trips can be an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family. Being out on the water together can create shared experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.


Boat trips can also be educational. Depending on the type of boat trip you take, you might learn about the history of the area you are in, the ecology of the waterways, or the science of navigation and sailing.

Unique Accommodations

Boat trips often offer unique accommodations, such as cabins or staterooms. Sleeping on a boat can be a memorable experience and provide a unique perspective on the destination you’re visiting.

Excellent Food

Many boat trips offer gourmet meals prepared by skilled chefs. Cruises, for example, often feature extensive menus with a wide variety of delicious dishes. 

Health Benefits

Spending time on the water can have a positive impact on your health. The sound of waves and the fresh air can reduce stress and promote relaxation. Plus, many boat trips offer opportunities for physical activities such as kayaking, swimming, and hiking. 


A boat trip can be an incredible experience that is good for the soul in countless ways. Whether you are looking for relaxation, adventure, or bonding with loved ones, a boat trip can provide it all.

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How to Choose the Perfect RV for Your Lifestyle: Magnolia Fields rvs Insights

When it comes to selecting the perfect recreational vehicle (RV) for your lifestyle, the choices can be overwhelming. Whether you are a full-time or part-time traveler, an avid outdoorsman, or just a casual explorer, choosing the right RV can be the difference between an enjoyable journey and a frustrating one. The experts at Magnolia Fields rvs understand the importance of selecting the ideal RV and have developed insights to help you make the best decision.

Enjoy the scenery and find the perfect RV that fits your needs

At Magnolia Fields RV Resort, we understand that the joys of the open road are something to be cherished. That’s why we want to help you find the perfect RV to fit your lifestyle and start creating unforgettable memories.

Pick a RV that allows for plenty of space and comfort

Looking for a home away from home when you hit the open road? Magnolia Fields RV Resort suggests that comfort should be your highest priority when selecting the perfect RV for your lifestyle. When you’re traveling for long distances, you’ll want to be sure you choose an RV that has plenty of space to kick back and relax. From comfortable beds to plush furnishings, you’ll want to make sure your RV is as cozy as your home. Magnolia Fields RV Resort is the perfect place to find an RV that offers both luxury and comfort.

Personalize your RV to make it a perfect fit for your lifestyle

At Magnolia Fields RV Resort, we understand that choosing the perfect RV for your lifestyle can be a difficult decision. After all, you want the RV of your dreams to reflect who you are and fit the needs of your family. That’s why one of our top tips is to Make it Your Own and personalize your RV to make it a perfect fit for you. Whether it’s adding a cozy couch or new appliances, you can transform your RV into the home away from home you’ve always imagined. So don’t be afraid to get creative and make your RV your own. And when you’re ready to embark on your next adventure, be sure to visit Magnolia Fields RV Resort.

Closing statement

Choosing the perfect RV for your lifestyle doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the help of Magnolia Fields rvs Insights, you can find the best RV to suit your lifestyle and budget. With their wide selection of rvs, detailed descriptions about each RV, and helpful customer service, you can find the perfect RV for your needs and make the most of your RV experience.

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Tips for People Who Want to Travel a Lot

Travelling provides some of the best experiences you ever have. It is also something that is really hard to get bored of. After all, there are always going to be new places to visit and new experiences to have. Due to all of these possibilities, it is a good idea to try and fit as much travelling into your free time as possible. This is something that is easier said than done, however. For a lot of people, travelling frequently is just not a viable thing to do. With the right approach, that could be something that you could change. If you want to be able to travel more, then you might want to use the following tips to do so.

Finding Work

The first thing you are going to need to do is find work that suits your travelling desires. There are a few different ways that you can do that. The first being through getting a job that requires you to travel. This could be the likes of working as a journalist, or even being someone who works at sea. You would have a home base but you would still get to travel a lot. In such a scenario it is important to remember that you would still pay tax in your home country – in which case you might want some help and use, for instance, a tax service for UK seafarers.

Another option for finding work that is fitting to your travelling is remote work. Jobs with remote working options are very common in the modern world and you should not find it too hard to attain one. Once you have the skills that would suit a remote job, this is really going to offer up a lot of travel opportunities to you.

Moving Around Cheaply

Of course, another big challenge to get over when it comes to travelling a lot is going to be the cost. Travelling is not free, in fact it can be very expensive. This means that you might have more restrictions from your financial state, than your free time. If this is the case, then you need to figure out how you can move around cheaply. Finding cheap flights and trains is something that comes with practice. You might have to travel on days and at times that don’t suit you, but you could save a lot. The same applies for accommodation – you might have to opt for hostels as opposed to hotels.

Travelling Lightly

One of the biggest costs of travelling is going to come from the luggage that you are bringing with you. This is why it is going to be a good idea to travel lightly. This is going to save you a lot when it comes to taking flights and trains. As well as this, it also makes your physical travelling around a lot easier. You won’t have to find bag storage and can just travel around as you please and in a lot of comfort.

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Which Time Of The Year Is Perfect For Alaska Fishing And Why Book Alaska Fishing Lodge?

Alaska is one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Its intense environment is what helps you witness some picturesque experiences. Timing is of utmost importance if you are thinking of Alaska fishing. To make the most of your fishing experience, here we have listed the best schedule to take a trip to the place.

Why Is Alaska Fishing Popular Worldwide?

Alaska doles out some spectacular fly, saltwater and freshwater ice-fishing in the world. You can either pull off your car at the side of the road and cast a line or you can even charter a float plane or boat to a remote fishing location. There is various scope to reel in the Alaska waters which are home to more than 627 species including trout, salmon, grayling, pike, halibut, Dolly Varden, grayling, etc.

Alaska is composed of three million lakes, thousands of fish-ridden streams and thousands of rivers which makes it difficult for you to determine where to to fish.

Planning To Travel To Alaska For Fishing? Know The Right Time To Visit

Alaska boasts world-class fishing throughout the year. Whether you are interested in catching salmons or wish to treat your eyes with some ice fishing, the diversity of the place will keep you speechless.

Spring Season For A Wholesome Fishing Experience

The spring season gives ample scope to have fun in a prize haul. It is the right season for King Salmon and Halibut. The sun during spring doesn’t set until 11 pm, which means you can fish for as long as you want to.


Summer Season For A Perfect Fishing Experience

The right time to book an Alaska fishing lodge is during the summer months which start in June and End in August. During these peak seasons, the King Salmon season will come to an end. The summer months are also peak times for Chum Salmon, Pink, Red and Silver Salmon. The early June standards as a testament to the great salmon run. During this season itself, the Atlantic and Pacific salmon make their way back to their birthplace at the river spawning grounds.

It is one of the most extraordinary spectacles in the world and an impressive sight. August’s warm temperatures make heli-fishing an excellent option.

Autumn Season For Stunning Fall Hues

Fishers can expect Silver Salon along with Halibut during the autumn season. Additionally, they can also enjoy the striking hazel colors of the fall season. Despite lacking weather consistency, the autumn season promises some postcard-perfect scenery in the world. To make the most of your Alaska fishing tour, consider booking the Kenai river lodge.

Winter Seasons For Those Who Wish To Experience Frozen Waters

If you are looking forward to witnessing Alaska’s frozen river then the winters are the right time for you. Ice fishing is a fun-loving activity for travellers. The novice and expert fishers alike can gain immense knowledge from its shallow learning curve.

Is Booking An Alaska Fishing Lodge Worthwhile?

The state promises a best-in-class Alaska fishing lodge for travellers who wish to make the most of their journey to experience the wilderness. The Alaska fishing lodge isn’t a cabin tucked away in the woods but can promise some of the most opulent accommodations combined with experienced guides, and gourmet cuisine.  The lodges set in remote Alaskan locations ensure fun activities.

 From casting your line for Dolly Varden, Arctic Char and salmon in the nearby waters to hiking, bear viewing and kayaking; you will have the most fabulous experience ever.


How To Plan For Your Fishing In Alaska If You Don’t Have Time For Overnight Fishing Package?

Every Alaskan region offers accommodation that caters to the angler’s needs which ranges from an all-inclusive Alaska fishing lodge to rustic camping. But if you don’t have the time to spend on a multi-day or even an overnight fishing package then you can consider half-day fishing trips. Saltwater fishing charters count as the most enthralling fishing excursions in the state.

Interested In Freshwater Fishing? Know This

If you are a lover of freshwater fishing, then you can always consider renting fishing gear from the local outfitter or you can join one of the guided trips to catch salmon, Dolly Varden, rainbow trout, etc.

Alaska fishing is one of a kind and promises a lifetime of experience. From freshwater to ice-fishing and saltwater fishing; the options will keep you speechless. Plan your fishing tour to Alaska carefully and come home with a boat full of memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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Kerala’s Tourist Attractions: A Detailed Overview

Kerala is known for many things, including its endless palm groves, gorgeous sandy beaches, expansive tea plantations, rolling green hills, soothing backwaters, and delectable cuisine. This region, nestled between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, features a rich cultural heritage and a wide variety of landscapes and climates. Incredibly, such magnificent natural beauty and cultural heritage can be found on such a small piece of land.

This amazing country has a wide variety of attractions to offer visitors. You’ll find both the 15 most visited spots in all of Kerala and a comprehensive list of all of the state’s attractions, which number in the hundreds.

  • Munnar –

The seasoned traveler does not require an introduction to Munnar. Located 1600 meters above sea level, Munnar is Kerala’s most popular tourist attraction. The Idukki area is a little piece of paradise with infinite tea gardens, winding tiny pathways between mist-covered mountains, and pure air flavored with spices.

Travelers come to this sleepy village from all over the world every single year. Some of these places of interest include tea plantations, the Mattuppetty Dam, the Eravikulam National Park, and so on.

More than anything else, it’s Munnar’s peaceful and laid-back atmosphere that draws visitors in and makes them want to return for another taste of the region’s unique charm.

  • Thekkady –

Thekkady is among the most well-liked forest tourist sites in Kerala. This is mostly due to the fact that it is the location of the largest Tiger Reserve in the country. Thekkady, which is located in the Idukki district and is close to the boundary between the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, attracts tourists from all over the world.

For visitors to Thekkady, the sanctuary is the must-see site. The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is a Tiger Reserve that covers an area of 777 square kilometers. Trekking, canoeing, and Jeep safaris are all viable means of entering the area. Numerous plant and animal species call these evergreen jungles home, including over 60 species of mammals, 265 species of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and more.

Activities bamboo rafting in the Mullaperiyar Dam catchment area, wilderness hiking, night trekking, boating, etc., are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

  • Kovalam –

Kovalam is the most popular and well-known beach in all of Kerala group tour, and for good reason.

Falcate-shaped, with beautiful blue waves and a white sand shore, this beach is a must-see on any vacation to Kerala. You can go for a dip in the tranquil waters or just lounge in the sun.

Kovalam is a great place to go if you’re looking for some adventure in addition to sightseeing, swimming, and delicious food.

  • Bekal –

The town of Bekal in the Kasaragod district is a popular destination for tourists, but it is also steeped in history. People from all over the world flock to this region to experience its ancient fort, miles of beaches, and dozens of estuaries.

Bekal Fort, one of Kerala’s largest and best-preserved forts, is located in Bekal. The Arabian Sea is visible from the towers of this 300-year-old fort, which was designed to resemble a huge keyhole.

Spend an evening basking in the soothing sea wind and watching the stunning sunset on the beach that surrounds the fort. An elevated walkway has been constructed so visitors can stroll along it and take in the breathtaking vistas of Bekal Fort below. Therefore, this once-quiet village is quickly becoming a popular destination for vacationers.

  • Kozhikode –

Kozhikode was the capital of the Zamorin kingdom and a major trading post in its early history. This is a land with stunning scenery, rich history, and wonderful cuisine, populated by kind, helpful locals who love to share stories of long-gone glories and their tasty regional specialties.

Visitors from all over the world will be drawn to the region’s beautiful landscapes and attractions.

Kozhikode is home to a variety of tourist hotspots, the Thusharagiri waterfalls, the site where Vasco da Gama first set foot in India (Kappad beach), one of Kerala’s largest dams (Kuttiyadi), the Regional Science Center and Planetarium, and Mananchira square.

  • Alleppey –

Alleppey is the heart of Kerala’s backwaters and is often called the “Venice of the East.” Lagoons, backwaters, and beaches that are as serene as they are beautiful to make this place an aquatic wonderland.

It’s incredible how everything in this city revolves around the waterways that weave through its complex network of canals. Alleppy, with its thousands of houseboats, is the ideal place to spend a weekend relaxing on the water while taking in the breathtaking scenery and feasting on fish and ducks prepared in the traditional style of the state of Kerala.

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Resort Booking Tips – Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach

Decide what type of resort you want to stay at

Trying to decide what type of resort you want to stay at can be a daunting task. There are all-inclusive resorts, family-friendly resorts, adults-only resorts, budget-friendly resorts, luxury resorts, and more. How do you even begin to narrow down your options? First, ask yourself what kind of vacation you’re looking for. Are you hoping to spend your days lounging by the pool with a cocktail in hand? Or are you looking for a more active vacation with plenty of opportunities for exploring and adventuring? Once you have a better sense of the kind of experience you’re hoping for, you can start to narrow down your resort options. From there, it’s simply a matter of finding a resort that has the amenities and activities that you’re looking for at a price that fits your budget. With these tips from experts like Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach, you’ll be sure to find the perfect resort for your next vacation.

Research the resorts in the area you want to visit

If you’re looking for the perfect vacation spot, it’s important to do your research. There are many factors to consider when choosing a resort, including location, amenities, and price. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s time to start reading reviews. Online travel sites can be a great resource, but don’t forget to check out TripAdvisor and other consumer review sites. These sites can give you an unbiased look at what previous guests have thought of a resort. Pay attention to both the positive and negative reviews, and see if there are any consistent themes. That way, you can make an informed decision about which resort is right for you.

Compare prices and amenities between resorts

Anyone who has ever gone on vacation knows that there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a resort. You want to find a place that has the amenities you need, at a price you can afford. And with so many resorts to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make the process easier. First, sit down and make a list of the features that are most important to you. Do you want a resort with a spa? A fitness center? Multiple restaurants? Once you know what you’re looking for, you can start comparing prices and amenities between different resorts. Another thing to keep in mind is your budget. How much are you willing to spend on your vacation? Keep in mind that price is not always an indicator of quality. Sometimes, cheaper resorts offer just as good of an experience as their more expensive counterparts.

Book your reservation as soon as possible to get the best deal

The earlier you book your hotel reservation, the better the deal you’re likely to get. Hotels typically offer their best rates to people who book well in advance, so if you’re hoping to save money on your stay, it’s best to plan ahead. In addition, many hotels offer special promotions and discounts to people who book early, so you may be able to find a great deal if you act quickly. Of course, there’s always a risk that rates will go up between the time you book and the time you travel, but if you’re willing to take that risk, booking early is a great way to save money on your hotel stay.

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The Ultimate Guide to Fly Fishing Gear for Novices

Are you looking to get into fly fishing? Then you’ve come to the right place. Fly fishing is an excellent way to get out of the house and enjoy nature while also partaking in a fun and relaxing hobby. But before you can cast your first line, you’ll need the right fly fishing gear. Read on to learn what kind of equipment novices should consider buying. Check

Rod and Reel

The most important thing for any new fly fisher is a rod and reel. This will be your main tool when it comes to casting your line, so make sure that you invest in one that feels comfortable in your hands, not too heavy or too light. Look for something that is made from quality materials and has adjustable settings so that it can grow with you as you increase your skillset.

Fly Lines

Your rod and reel won’t do much without the proper fly lines attached. You’ll want to look for two different types of lines – floating and sinking – depending on where you plan on doing most of your fishing. Floating lines are great for shallow water while sinking lines are better suited for deeper areas. If possible, buy a few different options so that you can switch between them easily depending on where you’re fishing.


No matter how expensive or high-quality your rod and reel is, it won’t do much good if there aren’t any flies attached to it! Flies come in all shapes and sizes, each designed with a specific type of fish in mind. Before heading out to the river or lake, take some time to research which type of flies are best suited for the area that you plan on visiting so that you can maximize your chances of success when out fishing.

Tackle Box

In order to keep all of your equipment organized, it’s essential that every angler have their own tackle box or bag. Look for something with plenty of pockets and compartments so that everything has its own designated spot – this will help ensure that nothing gets lost when out on the water! If possible, make sure to buy a waterproof option as well; nothing ruins a day faster than wet gear!


Finally, waders are essential if you plan on doing any kind of deep water fishing or wading into rivers or streams. Waders are designed with waterproof material so that they keep all parts of your body dry while still allowing enough breathability for comfort during long days spent outdoors.

Summing up

With these essential pieces of gear in tow, novice fly fishers will be set up for success when they hit the water this season! With these tips under your belt, happy angling!

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Preparing Your Pet For A Getaway

Camping is great way to enjoy the outdoors and connect with nature, but this is never done without some risk. The wilderness can be home to many dangers, and if you decide to bring your dog along as well, the potential for danger increases dramatically. Before you depart for your adventure, there is some housekeeping an owner must do to ensure a smooth excursion.

Parts Via has provided a brief infographic detailing what needs to be done before the trip, what essentials to pack, and how to keep yourselves safe. To read up on these tips, please see the accompanying resource.

Guide created by Parts Via

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The Best Museums in Arlington, VA

Arlington, Virginia has a lot to offer. There are many parks and green spaces, many different housing styles, wonderful schools, and prices to fit any budget. The majority of the area jobs are located in Tysons Corner and Washington, DC, both of which are conveniently accessible from Arlington. Arlington is not the spot to seek for a sweet deal on a house that has been on the market for a while. Arlington Real Estate is in high demand and moves quickly. Since a large portion of the Wanderlog crew enjoys traveling, whenever we visit a new location, we are compelled to look for the most well-known attractions. Read on for the Top Museums in Arlington, Virginia.

Arlington Arts Center

AAC acts as a springboard for up-and-coming artists, gives established artists a chance to try something new, and gives the general public a taste of the most appealing contemporary art in the area through its quarterly changing exhibitions. AAC issues a request for proposals for its SOLOS shows once a year. Our revolving exhibits committee, which is composed of illustrious artists, critics, curators, and collectors, evaluates the entries. Each of the chosen artists, who are from the Mid-Atlantic region, puts a stand-alone exhibition in one of seven different gallery locations, creating a cross-section of cutting-edge art in various media. AAC further offers themed group shows that are curated by our director of exhibitions or well-known outside curators. These performances frequently tackle difficult and relevant subjects, and they bring a wide spectrum of outstanding performers from the local, national, and even international scenes to Arlington.

Ball Sellers House

Arlington’s oldest residence is most likely the Ball-Sellers House in the Glencarlyn area. The museum’s loft has a rare original clapboard roof that can be seen. Two of Arlington’s early families are linked to the house. Lord William Fairfax granted 166 acres of land on Four Mile Run to John Ball in 1742, and that grant comprised the property. The frame lean-to extension and the original log home are thought to have been constructed by Ball. He stipulated that his property be sold after his death in 1766, with the earnings going to his wife Elizabeth and his five daughters. William Carlin paid 100 pounds for the farm in 1772. Elizabeth Ball might have stayed in the home until her passing in around 1792 because she made the decision to accept her widow’s dower rather than her husband’s will. William Carlin stipulated in his will that the property be divided into manageable pieces for people with limited resources to buy. This turned out to be unlikely, so it was instead divided into three lots and given to Carlin’s three kids. The 94-acre Mansion House Tract was purchased by James Harvey Carlin in 1835 for $874. After James Carlin passed away, his son Andrew and daughter Ann ran the land as a dairy farm. The farm was purchased in 1887 and later developed as a subdivision for “all men and women of modest means or who receive stated wages” by William W. Curtis and Samuel F. Burdett. In 1896, that subdivision was given the name Glencarlyn. The Ball-Sellers House is made up of a one-story log construction that predates the 18th century and a two-story frame building that was possibly the original home. A frame lean-to was later added not long after the log house was constructed. Since the clapboard roof is located in the loft, it is the most distinctive aspect of the house. A well and a little log barn are in the yard.

Planet World

This museum, which can be found at 925 13th Street NW, attempts to make language more tangible with interesting, hands-on exhibitions. Planet Word, the first voice-activated museum in the world, is located inside the storied Franklin School and has immersive exhibits that awe visitors of all ages. Inside, you’ll learn about the real power of words and how they can make people happier, more empathic, and more connected to one another. Planet Word’s impressive interactive features make it stand out among DC’s other museums right away. A museum experience unlike any other in the District is created when you, as a visitor, connect with the written and spoken language of the structure. The Speaking Willow Tree welcomes you and as you travel between its branches, you hear murmurs in hundreds of different languages. Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, a groundbreaking artist, presents his first permanent installation in Washington, DC, with this immersive metal sculpture.

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