Some Of The Best Wuhan Travel Attractions To Try Out

Wuhan was widely avoided during the coronavirus pandemic; however, the central Chinese city is currently on an upward path toward recovery. Attractions to visit in Wuhan include Yellow Crane Tower, Hubei Provincial Museum and East Lake Park – these three landmarks being among its top three.

Mulan Mountain is located 50 kilometres northeast of Wuhan and serves as a pilgrimage site, featuring several temples and scenic spots. Hong Kong to Wuhan flights are available through Cathay Pacific.

Yellow Crane Tower

The Yellow Crane Tower (, Huanghelou) was initially constructed during the Three Kingdoms Period as a military watch tower in 223. Since then, however, its structure has been destroyed and rebuilt several times, culminating in its current form in 1884 (based on a Qing Dynasty rebuild). Today the complex comprises the tower, garden, promenade with shops as well as several other buildings.

This tower stands on Snake Hill by the Yangtze River in Wuchang District of Wuhan and is one of the Three Famous Towers in China (Yueyang Tower and Tengwang Tower are also famous landmarks). Along with being a tourist destination, its magnificent nighttime illumination provides visitors with a memorable sight.

Hiking, boating and gazing at the Yellow Crane Tower from nearby mountains are among the many ways you can enjoy its picturesque setting. As one of the city’s top attractions – both locally and foreign tourists can visit – its beauty remains timeless and captivating.

Though there are many ways to explore the area, many visitors opt for a tour service that visits both the tower and other sites nearby. This helps them maximize their visit without spending their precious time wandering aimlessly around aimlessly.

Attractions to Yellow Crane Tower include both families and students during the daytime hours. Tour guide Ms Gao commented on how promotion strategies put into effect by authorities seem to be working, with increased visitors since the pandemic outbreak.

Visitors entering the tower will first notice an inscribed couplet on each pillar that expresses ancient celebrities’ admiration and hopes for its future. Furthermore, each pillar also features works by prominent contemporary calligraphers.

The next floor of the tower offers an expansive panorama of its surroundings. Visitors can take in sights such as Yangtze River Bridge, Yellow Crane Tower, Wuhan landmarks and even hear its rumble from here.

Donghu National Park

Donghu National Park is an exquisite natural area offering scenic wetland boardwalks and biking paths, along with opportunities to spot wildlife such as birds and fish. Only minutes away from downtown Wuhan by bus or cab ride, this natural oasis deserves your visit.

Ting Tao, which opens its doors to tourists first, features many popular sites including Poetry-Reciting Pavilion (Xingyinge) and Qu Yuan Memorial Hall – both dedicated to ancient Chinese poets – along with Hubei Provincial Museum which can provide insight into Wuhan history.

Moshan, located within the park, features cultural activities such as plum blossom viewings and acrobatic performances. There’s even a Daoist temple built over what may be where one of the main characters from Romance of the Three Kingdoms performed special Qimen Dunjia rituals prior to fighting at Red Cliffs – and there’s even a lake with various swimming areas or boat tours available there!

Han Show is another highly-popular cultural spectacle in the region, providing audiences with dancing, singing, water jetski performers and high diving acts. The theatre can seat more than 2000 visitors comfortably while featuring breathtaking special effects that dazzle onlookers.

Chui Di is the final area of the park and provides an idyllic atmosphere with various types of flora. Perfect for hiking and picnicking, Chui Di should also feature comfortable shoes as the hike will likely be long and tiring.

After an active day of sightseeing and walking, there are numerous restaurants nearby offering an assortment of local dishes – hot dry noodles, spicy fish and steamed dumplings are some of the more popular offerings – you may also come across street vendors selling snacks like grilled skewers and sweet potato balls as well as cafes offering international coffee and tea services.

Han Street

Wuhan offers many exciting things to do, from famous tourist spots and intimate neighborhood gathering spots, to tasting delicious local specialties. Use this list as a guide when planning your visit to this vibrant city!

The Yellow Crane Tower, constructed in 223 AD and known as “The First Scenery under Heaven”, stands as one of Wuhan’s iconic landmarks and symbols. Visitors can climb its five floors for an informative exhibit about this ancient pagoda’s story; plus visitors can climb to its summit for breathtaking views over Wuhan city itself.

Attractions such as this are an excellent place to sample some of the city’s traditional cuisine, such as reganmian (hot dry noodles) and duck’s neck, making spring and autumn perfect times to visit this attraction.

Wuhan offers many luxurious riverboat tours that explore the Yangtze, passing upstream past the Three Gorges Dam towards Chongqing. You can choose between multiple day and weeklong itineraries.

Wuhan also boasts the Eye of Han River, which looks similar to London’s Eye by the Thames. Situated within Hanzheng Street cultural tourism business district and set to open in 2022, tourists will have an opportunity to ride a giant wheel and explore Wuhan’s skyline from above.

The Han Show is an unforgettable stage show involving dancing, singing, water jetski performers and acrobats – one of China’s most captivating spectacles and an absolute must-see for visitors to Wuhan. Produced as part of an exciting collaboration between Wanda Entertainment Company and Franco Dragone Entertainment Company – be prepared for an incredible experience!

Wuhan offers many must-see attractions, but one must not miss is Xinhai Revolution Memorial. Constructed to mark the centennial anniversary of the 1911 uprising which overthrew the ruling dynasty and led to modern Chinese Republic, the memorial features both a garden and barrack-like building which served as the site of uprising.

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds is one of the world’s premier wax museums and has been visited by millions since opening its London location over 200 years ago. Now there are locations worldwide where this unique experience awaits visitors.

Attraction features lifelike statues of celebrities, athletes and historical figures. Visitors can take photos with their favorite celebrities for social media posts as a great opportunity. Museum is also home to an assortment of exhibits sure to please. All in all it’s an incredible experience that promises something fun for everyone!

Establishing an accurate wax figure of someone is no simple task; each sculpture requires extensive work and attention to detail from its creators, who must ensure every feature such as freckles and pores are accurate on each figure sculpted and painted with special paint to produce the most realistic appearance possible. The entire process may take up to two hours per celebrity figure.

This attraction is conveniently situated within the city and makes for an easy journey, making it perfect for spending a fun-filled day with the whole family. There’s something to offer all age groups, while ticket prices remain reasonable.

Madame Tussauds in London is a wax museum featuring wax figures of many famous individuals from past and present, both current and past. Established by Marie Tussaud (1761-1850), an Parisian court artist. This museum displays likenesses of French royalty, philosophers, poets as well as victims of guillotine executions.

Madame Tussauds is well known for its strikingly realistic statues, but also offers many forms of entertainment and services for guests. Events and concerts take place here frequently and it has even become a destination wedding location. Furthermore, its statues have also appeared in movies like Housefull 3 Shanghai Knights and Fan.

Wuhan offers tourists numerous attractions for entertainment beyond Madame Tussauds. A major draw is the Yangtze Great Bridge – a double-decker road and rail channel across the Yangtze River that stretches 1.6 kilometers between Turtle Hill and Snake Hill, providing beautiful scenic vistas along its length. Tourists visiting this landmark will experience unparalleled natural vistas at this attraction.