Eco-Friendly Luxury Hotels from Around the World

Luxurious resorts have a set of allures that savvy travellers are attracted to. If you’re looking for a luxury stay to add to your bucket list, this article is for you. We are featuring five lavish hotels that are mindful of their carbon footprint, enhancing their sustainability efforts, and promoting love for the planet.

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Grootbos in South Africa

Grootbos is a beautiful nature reserve nestled in between sea, mountains, and forest. Experts designed it to be impressive and luxurious enough without touching the pristine environment around it. The eco-friendly lodges and villas are styled to take in as much of the surrounding beauty, natural light, and air included. Grootbos is also involved in several takes on caring for the environment. First, it launched a program that empowers the local community to protect endangered species. Then, it runs the kitchen on organic ingredients sourced from both the in-house farm and the neighbouring farms.

The Brando in French Polynesia

The Brando is on a private island in French Polynesia named Tetiaroa. It is surrounded by the astounding Pacific Ocean and is considered one of the most technology-driven deluxe accommodations in the world.

On the other hand, The Brando strives to be an eco-friendly stop for people who like keeping a striking balance between luxury and sustainability. The first owner of the resort, Hollywood actor Marlon Brando, was the man behind this vision of keeping it as an ecological gem. The Brando operates with a commitment to support the local Polynesian culture while preserving biodiversity on the island.

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Soneva Fushi in The Maldives

The Maldives is known worldwide as a honeymoon paradise. It houses several environment-friendly resorts, and Soneva Fushi is one of the proud pioneers. This resort offers a deluxe experience that supports ecological strategies. It runs a “Waste to Wealth” program, which encourages people to recycle things as much as possible. Recycled plastics go to a plant, which turns them into new, usable products. Food waste is also well taken care of here through a composting system that produces nutrient-rich soil for the vegetable garden they keep.

Spice Island Beach Resort in Grenada

True to its name, this posh beach resort comes with a lot of spice. It is located a few steps from the scenic Grand Anse Beach, featuring gorgeous sights of the sun, the sea, and the sand. It signifies love for Mother Earth by using sustainable forms of energy for its operation. It also helps inspire energy conservation from among the locals and maximise efforts to preserve the island in its entirety.

Hix Island House in Puerto Rico

If an escape to the Caribbean is on top of your bucket list, choosing to stay at the Hix Island House is your best option. This eco-lodge is built around the idea of sustainability, achieving a negligible carbon footprint in the course of its operation. The building is not just an architectural masterpiece but also designed to capture cool winds. Electricity here is solar-generated. It also has a way of repurposing used water to help grow their plants within the property.

Setting off on luxurious travel is more enjoyable on eco-friendly resorts. They allow optimum relaxation that would not take a toll on the environment.