Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy First Edition Announced

The introductory edition Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy is expected to have more than 50 Offshore Sailing Boats including high-performance as well as conventional cruisers. The first-ever edition of this competition is set to take place in the Mirpuri Foundation’s home country, Greece on 27th and 28th June this year.

The sailing race will happen between Corfu in Greece and Sesimbra in Portugal. All the details about the race will be given by the officials in the notice. The Mirpuri Foundation will be partnered by Clube Naval de Cascais for this sailing race. It seems that the sailors are excited to participate in this race for the very first time.

The primary aim of the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy is to become one of the main events for sailing and to get acceptance from the sailors globally. They are aiming to reach a height where sailors will wait to participate in this race every year. Paulo Mirpuri, Mirpuri Foundation President, said that they are looking forward to making Marine Conservation one of their key cornerstones out of all the activities of the foundation. It will provide inspiration to arrange the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy.

Paulo mentioned that all of them have belief and faith in the power that any kind of sports has because it is capable of bringing people together from around the world. The Mirpuri Foundation President is confident that the sailors will help in raising awareness for the challenges that the planet is facing currently. Sailing is directly linked to the amazing and beautiful oceans across the world, but it is to be remembered that they are fragile too. They have to be taken extra care of because sailors are much dependent on them and it is their duty to look after oceans and other water bodies for comfortable racing.

The Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy that will be held in Greece in June 2021 aims to be a fully plastic-free and sustainable regatta. A charitable event will be supported by the foundation with the registration fees they collect from sailing teams for its first edition. The Mirpuri Foundation is also thinking of donating some amount of money to different programs related to Marine Conservation

Innovation is the word that makes the Mirpuri Foundation unique and exceptional. They have come up with yet another idea to make the first edition of the regatta a memorable one. The Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy will be the first-ever health controlled regatta in the whole world. The race will have a medical team dedicated to ensuring that all the sailors and staff are healthy and are in good condition.

The team will check whether both the staff and sailors are COVID-19 free. They will use new-generation test kits to check the sailors and staff. These kits are easy to use and give results in just 15 minutes. Once they are tested, the medical team will make the decision whether they will be given permission to race or not. Different people from different parts of the world will come to participate in the race. It is the responsibility of the foundation to take care of them.