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4 Things to do When You Visit Sydney

If it’s your first-time visiting Sydney, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed as there’s just so much to do. You may be wondering whether to sightsee, hit the beach or go on a day trip, and if you’ve got a limited amount of time, then tough choices need to be made. Here are some of the things you should prioritise when visiting Sydney.

  1. Visit a beach

Many people are surprised how many beaches are close to Sydney, and there are lots of ways to get there. Bondi Beach is obviously the best-known beach in the area, and you can hop in an Uber and get there in just over 20 minutes. However, if you’re staying in the CBD, there are also options like Manly beach or North Steyne, with options like public transport or cycling.

  1. See the iconic sites

The great thing about Sydney is it has so many big, iconic sightseeing spots, such as:

  • The Sydney Opera House
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • The Royal Botanic Garden
  • Sydney Tower

You’ll no doubt want to get some photos of these sites, but make sure you take some time to tour them too and make some great memories of your trip.

  1. See Sydney’s wildlife

While Sydney is a big city, you may be surprised to hear you can see a number of different types of wildlife just off the shore and just outside the CBD. One of the most popular trips is whale watching Sydney, and when you’re out on the boat, you may also spot dolphins, sharks and many other amazing nautical creatures. Close to Sydney, there are also some great places to see wild kangaroos, and it’s fun to watch these playful animals bouncing around.

  1. Enjoy family attractions

Sydney isn’t just for adults. There are also lots of fun things for kids to do, from boat trips to green spaces, zoos, aquariums and much more. If you are bringing younger kids, do some research and find fun stuff for them to do. Sydney also has plenty of family-friendly hotels and restaurants, so you

Sydney is a surprising city, full of fun things to do, and while it’s a buzzing city, it’s also close to nature. From taking a boat trip to enjoying the beach, there are lots of opportunities to enjoy the beauty of Australia,  as well as the usually sightseeing spots that all the tourists love to see.

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